How To Remove Viruses From Windows And Mac OS – (Step By Step Process)

Remove Viruses From Windows And Mac OS
Remove Viruses From Windows And Mac OS

Step By Step Guidelines To Remove Viruses

This virus removal process may feel overpowering due to the multiple steps and few automatic virus removal applications that you will see in this tutorial. We have only formatting guidelines this way to give you easy to understand steps that even novice computer users can use to eliminate virus for free. If you are not able to perform manual guidelines at any point, stop and I recommend you to following secure virus removal process.

To remove viruses from Windows OS, perform these steps:

To remove viruses from Mac OS perform these steps:

Manually remove viruses from Windows OS

You are here in the manual virus removal section that means you are a technical person who is very familiar with the operating system. You know the difference between malicious files and essential system files. Well if you don’t have rich experience to correctly perform mentioned steps then I will highly recommend sticking with Anti-Malware Tool.

Removing virus means removing files right. Wrong file deletion can create new issues especially when you alter registry entries. It can damage the operating system and you can lose all stored data. I don’t want you to lose anything that’s why please be sure to be technical before following manual guidelines.

Uninstall Programs To Remove Malicious Applications

For viruses, coming inside bundled with some free application is traditional technique. It is also true that we love free stuff and often download free files from the internet. You need to remove recently installed or strange applications from your system that might be the reason of your system issues.

As you can see below, I have divided the guidelines into three sections (For Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP). Instead of written steps, I have made info-graphic guidelines. You can click on the image and you will see bigger image for better understanding.

Windows 8, 8.1 & 10

Uninstall Strange/Malicious Programs From Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.

Uninstall applications from windows 8, 8.1 or 10

Windows 7 & Vista

Uninstall Strange/Malicious Programs From Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Remove programs from Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Windows XP

Uninstall Strange/Malicious Programs From Windows XP.

Uninstall programs from Windows XP

Remove viruses from Registry Entries

Every program that runs in a background creates registry entries. It is responsible for maintaining software, hardware in all versions of Windows operating system. You may notice several applications starts automatically just after the system launch like video driver, graphics etc.

The malicious programs also create registry entries to start automatically all nasty activities. Any application won’t be complete remove until you clean the registry entries. However, this is very risky and you will do it at your own risk.

For any future mistake, you must make a backup of registry entries. Please follow the infographic that will help you to make a backup of your registry entries.

Make Backup of Registry Entries

Once you successfully create the registry backup, you can find malicious/strange files and delete them forever. Remember don’t delete any system-essential files. Please follow the pictorial guide that will help you to find entries of installed software.

Clean Registry Entries To Remove Viruses

Kill system background process

Most of the computer viruses run their process in the background that handles offline and online data tracking. It also prevents uninstalling software or displays error while cleaning the registry entries. It happens because Windows does not allow to eliminate file if it’s already running. So in this section, you will learn to end background running process from task manager.

This section is only for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 users. In Windows 7, Vista, and XP does not shows running process in a well-explained manner. It is very hard to understand the difference between system file and malicious files. However, I don’t recommend to apply this on any operating system until you have rich experience.

Please click on the image for a bigger view and follow the infographic guidelines.

kill Running Software Process From Task Manager

Refresh web browsers to default settings

The refreshing web browser will send the changed settings to the default. It will disable installed extensions but it won’t remove them. You need to go the extension setting and delete them manually. You don’t need to worry about your bookmarks and password because browser resetting won’t remove bookmarks and passwords.

Please find below a step by step pictorial guidelines. You will see guidelines for 4 most popular web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, and MS Edge).

Google Chrome

Refresh Google Chrome:

Reset Google Chrome To Remove Viruses

Eliminate Malicious Extensions From Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Refresh Mozilla Firefox:

Refresh Mozilla Firefox To Clean Viruses


Refresh Internet Explorer:

Refresh Internet Explorer - Step 1

Refresh Internet Explorer Step 2

MS Edge

Refresh MS Edge:

Refresh MS Edge Web Browser

After Following these manual guidelines correctly, your computer will be virus free. But still, if you see viruses or other unwanted activity on your computer then you can fix all system issues with the help of Anti-Malware (SpyHunter or PlumBytes).

You need to understand that the virus publishers are smarter than before. They spend huge time and resource on researching that how they can leave on the computer for a long time. viruses is not just a program for fun, it is designed to do lots of serious activity on user’s computer. So before you lose something important, get rid of these malicious programs from your computer.

Step 2: Use SpyHunter to remove viruses from Windows OS

SpyHunter is a most downloaded software that will scan your computer for unwanted programs and other installed viruses. It will list out all unwanted programs that may have been installed without your concern.

1: You can download “SpyHunter Anti-Malware“ from this link “SpyHunter Download Link”.

2: After downloading the SpyHunter, please double click on the “SpyHunter-Installer.exe” icon to start the installation process. You may see some warnings while installing the SpyHunter like “Do you want to keep SpyHunter-Installer.exe?” If this happens, you should click “Keep” to continue with the installation.

follow and install SpyHunter to remove {{keyword}}

To install SpyHunter on your computer, please keep following the window by clicking the “Next” button.

3: Once the installation process completed, SpyHunter will automatically update the antivirus database. After that, you can click on the “Scan Computer Now”. SpyHunter will find all installed malicious files, registry entries, and other unwanted programs. This process may take few minutes.

scan full computer with SpyHunter to eliminate all malware from Win OS


4: Once the scan has finished, you will see virus list that SpyHunter has detected. To remove all malicious files that SpyHunter has found, press on the “Fix Threats” button.

click on fix threats to eliminate all malware from Win OS completely

After the complete virus removal process, SpyHunter may ask you to reboot the computer.

5: If you still see viruses or other unwanted activity on your computer then don’t worry, SpyHunter helpdesk is available for you. You can go to the “SpyHunter Helpdesk” and submit a ticket whenever you want their help. The SpyHunter support team will provide you custom virus removal service through remote access. It also comes with 30 days money back guarantee so obvious you don’t need to worry about money lose.

SpyHunter Helpdesk

Step 2: Scan and Clean your system with PlumBytes

PlumBytes can find and eliminate the virus, adware, browser hijackers and other malicious threats that only reputable anti-virus suite provides. PlumBytes anti-malware is able to create security firewall that prevents sudden attacks.

1: You can download PlumBytes Anti-Malware by clicking on the download link mentioned below.

Download PlumBytes Anti-Malware”.

2: Once the downloading finished, double click on the “antimalwaresetup.exe” file to start the installation process. You may see some warnings while installing the PlumBytes like “Do you want to keep antimalwaresetup.exe?” If this happens, you should click “Keep” to continue with the installation.

3: After the complete installation process, PlumBytes will fetch require information about your system. It will automatically start the full system scan. If somehow it does not start the scan automatically, you can press the button “Run Scan“.

install plumbytes and scan the full system

4: The scanning process may take few minutes. Once the scanning process is done, you can see the fetched infections list that is damaging your system. You must press “Remove Now” button that will remove all installed viruses from your computer.

after scan press remove now button

After the complete virus removal process, It may ask to reboot the computer.

Manually remove viruses from Mac OS

Step 1: You need to first quit the running applications that are on “Not responding” mode. By following this way, you can also close applications that are executing malicious activities on your Mac computer. Please follow the keyboard command mentioned in the below picture. It will launch “Force Quit Applications” panel.

Step 2: Once you get the “Force Quit Application” panel, find, select “strange/malicious” applications and press on “Force Quit” button.


Step 3: viruses and other unwanted programs often enter inside the computer bundled with the third-party application. You need to find recently installed/malicious applications and move them to trash. This is pretty easy, please see below image.


Step 4: The malicious programs often add unwanted browser extensions and creates nasty cookies sessions. Resetting web browser will also clean nasty programs that are assigned to steal confidential data from your online activity. Resetting safari web browser is pretty easy, please follow the image guidelines mentioned below.

Step 5: The unwanted programs like viruses often stores nasty programs inside library directory. You can press ” Command + Shift + G ” and type in ” ~/Library “. You can also follow image guidelines mentioned below. Once you reach the library directory, remove stored files.


There is no guarantee that after following these manual guidelines, your computer will be completely virus free. The cyber criminals are smarter than before and they know what can stop them. They don’t simply install malicious programs like before. They use an advanced attacking technique that is not possible to stop by following few manual guidelines. So for complete protection, I highly recommend installing a well reputable anti-malware tool (MacBooster4) that will protect your computer from current and future virus attacks.

Use MacBooster to remove viruses from Mac OS

Macbooster is developed by IObit for Apple Mac users. It is a multipurpose application that comes with several tools that are assigned to clean malicious files and make Mac OS safe. It is capable of providing real-time protection and boosting your Mac OS performance.

While writing this tutorial, the current version of Macbooster is 4. According to IObit release note, Macbooster4 differs from Macbooster3 and added several new tools that increase the security of Mac OS. Actually, there are several features of Macbostter4 and this tutorial will be so long if I share all of them. You can see numerous features of MacBooster4 on screenshot mentioned in this guide. So now let’s see how you can use Macbooster4 to remove viruses and clean your computer.

1: First download the Macbooster4 from its official website.

Download MacBooster4 Now

2: After downloading the software, launch the “MacBooster.pkg” file. Please keep following the window by clicking the “Next” button and it will be install.
3: Once the successful installation complete, press on the “Scan” button in the bottom middle of the window. It will start to retrieve files that are not healthy for your system.

MacBososter4 Dashboard
4: After the scanning process that will take few minutes, you will see a list of all issues that is not good for your system. Clicking the “Fix” button will repair all issues found to get you a faster Mac with a significant amount of additional free space regained.

fix system problems

5: If you still see issues on your computer then you can click the text link: Upload Sample on the bottom right to send them to the MacBooster4 technical support team for further analysis. The MacBooster4 team also provides technical support that makes it most popular security software in this field.

Real-time protection by MacBooster4

So it’s completely win-win situation because if Macbooster application does not solve the problem, the Macbooster support team will do. It also comes with 30 days money-back guarantee so you don’t need to worry about losing money.

We love SpyHunter, PlumBytes and MacBooster!


We love SpyHunter cause of its Helpdesk environment. You just need to contact the helpdesk and give them proper description about your system issues. The support team responses very fast and fix the system issues as soon as possible they can. SpyHunter is our current editor’s choice because SpyHunter does also have a technical team that repairs security issues through remote access that product can’t solve.

SpyHunter Anti-Malware Premium Version

PlumBytes logo

PlumBytes anti-malware is able to detect and clean adware, browser hijacker, Trojans, ransomware, rougware, PUPS and several other malicious threats that can harm your system. Apart from providing real-time protection, PlumBytes also helps to improve the system performance.

PlumBytes Anti-Malware Premium Version

PlumBytes logoWe like MacBooster because it combines several different functions into single software. Apart from providing Real-time-Protection, MacBooster also provides privacy clean, safe browsing, mail shield, file system and few more tools that make our internet surfing secure. I am not mentioning all features because this article will be way long. So please free download MacBooster4 Anti-Malware and explore all features.

MacBooster Anti-Malware Premium Version